YOUNG IMAGINATIONS programs reach out to children in urban and rural settings, impacting economically disadvantaged communities and children of diverse cultural heritages.

Class content captures the imaginations of children by encouraging them to explore new possibilities while learning in an atmosphere of trust and openness. At each school, a quality curriculum is developed for a brief unit of 8-10 weeks or for an entire school year, or series of years. This happens year after year for 5, 10, or 15 years until we are now teaching the children of our first students.

Young Imaginations offers four standards-based programs of 30-50 minutes weekly classes in which correlations are often made between the arts and classroom curricula. The classes are filled with opportunities for active participation. All classes incorporate both music and dance/movement elements.


Multicultural Music and Movement. Children learn the basics. Singing, playing musical instruments, and moving to music are part of each class. The content is culturally diverse.


Multicultural Dance with Music. Children develop movement skills while learning to work with partners and in groups. They develop sensitivity to rhythm, beat, and style as expressed in the dances of diverse cultures and historical periods.


Music of the Americas. This unit focuses on music and dance presented by artists from the United States, regions of Mexico and Central America, and South American cultures such as Brazil and the Andean countries. Each artist presents two weekly classes within a unit of
10 – 12 weeks.


Music and Dance Around the World.  Artists from a variety of countries bring their music and dance to school children. Children meet artists representative of regions as varied as the Philippines, China, the British Isles, Spain, and Afghanistan.  A 12-week unit contains a combination of single-week and multi-week sessions.

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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." 
--Albert Einstein