• Young Imaginations has been supporting the arts in Siskiyou County.  We are loaning musical instruments for programs supported by College of the Siskiyous and/or David Blink/Jerry Moore/Marianne Locke.  Currently, we have loaned 14 ukuleles to a program in Mt. Shasta where ukulele is taught indoors to approximately 10-13 community members outside a local business.  In the summer of 2021, we will loan a set of 14 drums to be used in outdoor community drumming circles.


  • In collaboration with College of the Siskiyous, Jerry Moore and Marianne Locke have created a World Music video titled What Is That Sound?  It introduces 21 instruments in a 12-minute educational video.  Ten musicians contributed 30-60 second clips of their performances on World Music instruments.  Transforming these short videos into a final product was accomplished in tandem with David Blink of the College of the Siskiyous, and Shawn Rasouli of CBS.  This a College of the Siskiyous production, and Young Imaginations is credited as a collaborator. Information about its release and how to access it online will be given soon!


Included are instruments as wide-ranging as West African percussion, Aungklung Ensemble of Indonesia, Chinese string and wind instruments, Native American flute and rattle, melodica, and banjolele of U.S., and Aboriginal didgeridoo.


We are so excited to be a part of both of these programs!